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How to use Livescribe Smartpen

Smartpen is a ballpoint pen with an embed computer that operates a built-in speaker, a microphone and memory storage. It records everything you hear, write and draw. Later, simply tap your notes to play back recordings. You can also save interactive notes and audio recordings to your computer or send them to people and destinations of your choice. Website:

Echo Smartpen Features
This video helps you identify the main features of the Echo Smartpen (approximately 3 minutes).

Install Livescribe Desktop Software
Steps to install the Livescribe Desktop software on your computer (approximately 2.25 minutes).

Write and Record Audio
Capture handwritten notes and record audio with Echo Smartpen (approximately 2.5 minutes).

Use 3-D Recording Headset
Record and listen to audio with the 3-D recording headset (approximately 2.5 minutes).

Paper Replay Controls
Playback audio recording using paper replay controls (approximately 3 minutes).

Playback With Nav Plus
Access a paperless audio session through the Nav Plus (approximately 2 minutes).

Annotating Notes
Expand upon previously written notes with more information. (approximately 1.25 minutes).