Audio Recording and Transcription Services Agreement

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State and federal law require that students be permitted to use a recorder or captioning services in an academic setting when recording/transcripts of material is necessary to provide reasonable accommodations for a documented disability. The following agreement is intended to protect the rights of the student and the faculty member while complying with this law.  

Student agrees:

  • To use recordings or transcriptions only for study and classroom use.  
  • Not to share these recordings, transcriptions, notes or slides with any individual or entity without prior written consent from my professor.
  • To turn off or pause my recording device when other students are forbidden from taking notes.
  • Not to use recorded or transcribed materials in any way which would interfere with the legal right, privacy, or the faculty members’ effort to obtain copyright.
  • To erase/destroy recordings or transcriptions immediately after the course final.

Student understands that this agreement remains in effect for my entire tenure as a student at Sonoma State University, and that failure to abide by this agreement would constitute a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct (Title 5) and shall be reported to the Student Conduct Administrator for adjudication.