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Read & Write

Read and Write (R&W) is an inclusive learning software designed to support individuals of all ages, learning styles, and abilities with tools for reading text aloud, studying, annotating, and composing research papers while using their existing tools such as word processors, web browsers, and Canvas. 

Sonoma State University students, staff, and faculty may download and install a copy for their personal Mac or Windows computers, iPad, and Android tablets.  Simply use your Seawolf Email address ( when you sign up. Also. members of the SSU community with an active Seawolf account may access the software on Mac or Windows workstations at computer labs and the library on campus or library loaned laptops.

The Read and Write Google Chrome Toolbar

Students use R&W toolbar to accomplish the following tasks:

  • listen to books, documents, and web pages read aloud
  • highlight, annotate, and transfer information to Google documents in preparation for tests or composing research papers
  • talk & type  to dictate responses to quiz questions, post to discussion threads and research compose papers
  • Convert text-based files to audio files (MP3s) and more

Read&Write for Google Chrome - Text to Speech