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Assistive Technology

Common examples of assistive technology available to qualified DSS students include (1) close caption televisions (CCTVs) that magnify materials for students with low-vision, (2) speech recognition computer software for students who have difficulty using a standard keyboard, (3) personal amplification devices for students who are hard-of-hearing, (4) screen reader computer software for students who are blind, (5) and reading/writing/learning computer software for students with learning disabilities.

Special Equipment

Digital recorders and assistive listening devices are available for check out related to one’s accommodation needs. Please discuss this with your DSS advisor if appropriate.

Computer Stations Equipped with Assistive Software are Available at:

  • AsTECH Lab, (Schulz 1058C – inside 24-hour lab)
  • University Library first floor - In front of the Writing Center - Schulz 1103 (two workstations)
  • University Library second floor - In Multimedia area (two workstations)

For further inquiries, please contact the DSS office (707) 664-2677

Common Assistive Technology and Web Based Tools and Services at SSU

A selection of  videos and step-by-step instructions on some of the most common assistive technology, web-based tools, and services utilized by students, staff and faculty at Sonoma State University are listed on DSS Technology FAQ page