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SSU Disability Access for Students Policy

SSU Disability Access for Students Policy Statement

Sonoma State University is committed to providing an inclusive environment, which is responsive to the needs of all students. To ensure this inclusion, appropriate accommodations are provided to students and prospective students who have self-identified with verified disabilities and who require these accommodations in order to enjoy access to university programs, services, or activities for which the individuals are otherwise qualified. Accommodations will not be provided if they fundamentally alter or impact the nature of the program, inappropriately impede access for others or cause a direct threat to the health and safety of the student with a disability or others. The University’s goal is to provide an equivalent academic experience and learning opportunity, not to guarantee the success of the student’s education or career.

These accommodations may include architectural access changes, close-in or adapted parking or seating, library assistance, interpreters, extended time and/or alternative format for exams, auxiliary aids, as well as academic adjustments, or other accommodations necessary for a particular individual’s needs.

For details on specific roles and responsibilities, please visit SSU Policy - Disability Access for Students.