ZoomText is a screen magnification software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It allows you to change screen colors and magnification levels, customize the mouse pointer and text cursor to make it easy to find them and turn on a focus rectangle to help you track where you are on the screen. Additionally, ZoomText assists those with low-vision or who suffer from eye-strain while providing some basic screen reading features for reading documents, web pages, and email, as well as hearing what you are typing or what is under the mouse pointer. 

ZoomText is available on campus in the AsTECH Lab, (Schulz 1058C – inside the 24-hour lab) and the DSS Testing stations (by appointment).

Main ZoomText Features:

  • Magnification up 36x
  • Zoom split Windows
  • Enhanced Screen Colors
  • Visible Pointers and Cursors
  • Focus Enhancements
  • Support for Touch Screen Devices

Quick Zoom Text Demo

Web Accessibility 101: ZoomText Demo


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