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How can I find Google Apps accessibility information?

Accessibility Features by Google Product

Google Account Accessibility Preferences

Although many Google products come with accessibility features built-in, follow these steps to turn on some Accessibility features in your account preferences:

  1. Click on your Google Account 
  2. Click on Manage your Google Account
  3. Click on Data & Personalization
  4. Under the General preferences for the web section, click on Accessibility
  5. Select preferences for Screen Reader and High-Contrast Colors, toggle-switch right to each Turn On (tap spacebar).

Accessibility Mode in Google Apps

Turn On Accessibility Mode

To edit or work with Google apps, turn on the Accessibility Settings in whatever app you’re currently in

  • Windows: Press Control + Alt + z (on Windows) 
  • Mac: Press ⌘ (command) + Option + z 
  • Google App window: Click on the Tools dropdown menu, then click on Accessibility and select from the list of options listed
  • Once successfully enabled,  the Accessibility menu will appear in the list of dropdown menus at the top of the application window. Click on the Accessibility menu to modify accessibility options.
  • You only need to take this step once in any Google App in order for screen reader support to show on all your Google apps.

Screen Reader Support

In order to edit or work in any Google app, you must first turn on screen reader support. Press Control + Alt + z (on Windows) or ⌘(Command) + Option + z (on Mac) in whatever app you’re currently in. You’ll know you’ve done this step successfully when the word Accessibility appears in the list of drop-down menus at the top of the application window.

 Use the Following Google Apps with Screen Reader Support Enabled