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How do students use YuJa?

What is YuJa?

  • YuJa is a video management platform (like a private YouTube for SSU classes) that includes video recording and editing software.  
  • YuJa is best for making and sharing original video content and making it easy to access in Canvas. (Zoom is best for online class meetings) 

How Do Students Use YuJa for Course Work?

  • Watch course-related  videos 
  • Take video quizzes
  • Create videos for assignments or post videos to  Canvas discussions

Essential to Know

  • Quizzes must be taken using Chrome or Firefox browsers.  Do not use Safari.
  • Each SSU class section has a dedicated “Media Channel” (similar to a YouTube channel) with a collection of videos related to the course
  • Videos you record or upload to YuJa are saved to the "My Media" folder by default. 

View Course Videos

View in Canvas on a computer 

Teachers might add media for you to watch in several different ways. 

  • On the Media Channel for a course:  (show picture)
  • A direct link within modules (show image)
  • Embedded into a Page, Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz (show picture)

Use the YuJa Mobile App

Using the YuJa Mobile App

  • This will allow you to view videos only through the Media Channel for a course.

Take Video Quizzes in YuJa

  • Do not use Safari (for both Mobile and Computer) 
  • Using your Mobile phone?  Download the Chrome App.  

Create YuJa videos

Install YuJa on your Mac, PC, or Mobile Device (no Chromebooks!) 

To create videos using YuJa, you must download and install YuJa’s Software Capture application.  To download the software, you can go to the YuJa link, in any of your courses.
Quick video guides provided by YuJa to better help you install the Software Capture  software:

Record a Video Presentation

On a computer: In Canvas, Use YuJa Software Capture to record you, your screen, and your voice!

  1. Click on YuJa in your course navigation 
  2. YuJa will give you the option to either upload a previously recorded video or create a new recording.
  3. Enter the YuJa dashboard
  4. Click Create Recording to open YuJa Software Capture and start recording.  This Lecture Capture video was created for instructors, but the process is the same for students.  Set your parameters for Video, Audio, and screen
    • ​if using a slide presentation, cue up slides in a browser window
    •  trim the beginning and end of the video with the YuJa editing tools
  5. Select Start (bottom-right) to begin video capture, navigate to your presentation
  6. When done recording, hit the small red stop button on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  7. Navigate back to the Canvas.  You will need to return to Canvas and navigate to YuJa > My Media > Default Collection to view your recorded video. 

Additional documentation:

Upload a Video presentation to YuJa from a Computer

  1. To upload a video already on your computer select Upload, then browse to find your file.
  2. Once you've uploaded your video, select the video below and go to your assignment in Canvas and click Submit.
  3. Find the Text Entry tab and click it to bring up a text editor. Then click on the down arrow icon to find YuJa.
  4. Find the video you uploaded previously in your list by scrolling down toward the bottom of the import  window.
  5. Select your video and click submit.

 NOTE: It may take some time before your video processes and shows up.

Upload Media via the YuJa Mobile App 

Workflow using Mobile App: Mobile Upload is available through the Mobile App on both iOS and Android.

  1. Select Uploads from the menu on the bottom of your screen.
  2. Choose the option to upload a Video or an Image. You will see your available files appear on-screen.
  3. Select the desired media from your device.
  4. Tap Upload to complete the upload process.

Now - you must use a mobile browser on your device to add the YuJa video to the appropriate place in your course.

Submit YuJa videos as Canvas Assignments

At this point, we are assuming that you have created a video residing either on your computer or on your mobile device. Note: on a mobile device, you must sign-in  Canvas through a browser and not through the Canvas Student App .

  1. To start, students must navigate to the desired assignment and click the Submit Assignment button..
  2. YuJa connects to Canvas through the “Rich Text Editor.” This is the text entry box seen throughout various parts of the course (i.e., discussions, assignments, pages, etc.). Use the  Rich Text Editor toolbar to insert images, tables, and videos. Click on the More External Tools icon ( downward pointing arrow).
  3. Select the icon for YuJa Media: When this icon is clicked, a menu expands. YuJa is located on this menu. When a user clicks on the YuJa link within the menu, a separate window will appear. This window connects the user to his/her storage area within YuJa and displays all videos he/she has access to.
  4. To submit a YuJa video as an assignment, users will select a previously created video from the window that appears and embed that video into the text area.
  5. When finished, click Submit Assignment

 NOTE: in order for students to submit YuJa videos as assignmentsin Canvas, the instructor must enable text-entry as a submission option.

Post YuJa Video in Canvas Discussions

Including YuJa video within a discussion board, or a discussion board post, is a similar process to submitting YuJa video as an assignment. Yuja connects to an assignment through the same rich text editor found in assignments. However, rather than clicking the Submit Assignment button, students will reply to the initial post within the discussion or another user’s post. All other steps are the same as listed above in the Assignment Submission section.

NOTE: users should record his/her video response before attempting to embed the video into a discussion post.