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How do I join a Zoom Meeting?

Join a Zoom meeting with a Web Link or Meeting Number

Zoom Mac/PC Desktop Client (Recommended)

  1. Click on the Zoom meeting link
  2. Download and run the Zoom installer (MAC) or zoom.exe (PC) launcher.
  3. Select ZOOM.US then click on Ok (MAC) or Run(PC).  Zoom will take a few seconds to launch. 

The download of the Zoom installer begins immediately after clicking on the Join Meeting button. If Zoom does not launch on your computer, search for the downloaded Zoom installer and double-click. If you instead use a tablet or phone, review iOS or Android Apps instructions. 

A few notes

  • Zoom meeting links for classes are typically emailed by instructors or posted in Canvas (modules view,  Canvas page, announcements, messages). Other hosts might also send Zoom link invites to your Google Calendar. 
  • Join a Zoom meeting no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Some rooms may have a waiting room, remaining in the waiting room until the host is ready to open the meeting.
  • Some recurring Zoom meetings (meetings with no end date or start time) are open for you to join at any time for group study or project work.
  • Check with the instructor if a recurring link will be used for your class meetings, if so the meeting link (or ID) will remain the same for the entire semester.

Having Trouble with Joining a Meeting? Try This

  1. Go to the Zoom Join A Meeting page
  2. Enter the Meeting Number or URL link
  3. Click on the Join button
  4. Zoom will take a few seconds to launch but if does not, download and run the Zoom installer or zoom.exe launcher. Select ZOOM.US then click on Ok (MAC) or Run (PC). 
  5. If prompted enter your full name (First and Last)