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What should I know about Top Hat Accessibility?

TopHat Accessibility

While Top Hat products may be accessible, it is possible for instructors to create materials and activities within Top Hat that are not accessible. Please review the article, "Utilizing Top Hat with Accessibility"(for faculty).


  • ARIA and appropriate labeling are provided on user interface elements. Skip links and landmarks are provided to help navigate any users accessing the interface via assistive technology. 

Magnification Tools

  • Students with impaired vision can use assistive technologies like ZoomText to navigate through Top Hat. Top Hat is also responsive to zooming in up to 200%.

Keyboard Navigation

  • Interactive elements can be accessed via keyboard commands only. Common keyboard navigation on screen readers like VoiceOver and JAWS work as well, allowing those assistive technologies to jump down the HTML tree effectively.

Interactive Textbooks and Assignments (Faculty)

Top Hat provides features in the suite of authoring tools that allow professors to modify and add additional elements to any content. An example of this is the ability to write the alternative text for images in Pages content (chapters, assignments, etc). Some authoring teams have written content on Top Hat Marketplace such as Introduction to Psychology (Altman et al.) to provide accessible links and captions on all interactive media embedded within the pages. If you have questions about your textbook’s accessibility, please contact

Accessibility Resources