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How can I use Otter to record notes for lectures on Zoom?

Use Otter to Transcribe a Zoom Meeting in a Web Browser Window

  1. Join a Zoom meeting with your web browser (Chrome recommended)
  2. Add a browser tab and log into
  3. Click on the Record button (microphone icon) when the Zoom meeting starts.
  4. Make sure that audio is coming from the speakers and do not use headphones.
  5. Leave the browser tab with Otter running in the background and bring your Zoom meeting tot he foreground (top-level) of your desktop
  6. At the end of the lecture, return to the browser tab with Otter running and stop recording
  7. Access your Otter recording (conversations) via the Otter website or Mobile App to view the transcription (wait a few minutes for the processing to complete)

Record an Otter App for iOS or Android App

  1. Joining the Zoom meeting on your computer 
  2. Make sure the audio is coming from the computer speakers and do not use headphones
  3. Open the App on your device
  4. Click on the Record button (mic icon) in the Otter app to record a new conversation. on your device 
  5. Place the device near the computer speakers
  6. Click on the Stop button (solid square icon) on your device to stop and save the recording.
  7. The recording will take several minutes to process.