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How do I view Zoom features and tools during a meeting? (desktop version)

Zoom Navigation (Desktop Client PC/MAC)

Hover mouse pointer over the bottom of the Zoom window to access the following:

  • Microphone: mute/unmute your microphone
  • Video: start/stop your webcam
  • Chat (chat bubble): join the chat discussion, pose questions, and post website URLs
  • Participants: view who else is in attendance and raise your hand
  • Share Screen: present content from your computer screen then stop sharing when finished
  • Reactions: post a clap or thumbs-up
  • Leave Meeting: leaving the meeting at the end of class
  • Closed Caption: view real-time captioning when available, if the closed caption icon is not present, click on the overflow menu "..." to access it.


Views to Choose From

  • Select views from the top right corner of the Zoom window.

  • Speaker View (default):  focuses on the speaker

  • Gallery View: see everyone on camera

  • Fullscreen: Maximizes screen