How do I view Zoom features and tools during a meeting? (desktop version)

Zoom Navigation (Desktop Client PC/MAC)

Hover mouse pointer over the bottom of the Zoom window to access the following:

  • Microphone: mute/unmute your microphone
  • Video: start/stop your webcam
  • Chat (chat bubble): join the chat discussion, pose questions, and post website URLs
  • Participants: view who else is in attendance and raise your hand
  • Share Screen: present content from your computer screen then stop sharing when finished
  • Reactions: post a clap or thumbs-up
  • Leave Meeting: leaving the meeting at the end of class
  • Closed Caption: view real-time captioning when available, if the closed caption icon is not present, click on the overflow menu "..." to access it.

Zoom desktop client meeting  menu


Views to Choose From

View icons

  • Select views from the top right corner of the Zoom window.

  • Speaker View (default):  focuses on the speaker
    Lobo as main speaker

  • Gallery View: see everyone on camera
    all participants in view

  • Fullscreen: Maximizes screen


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